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Eastern Biotech & Life Sciences is a UAE based Biotechnology Company under the Dubai Biotechnology and Research Park, DUBIOTECH, Dubai. The company has a vision to prevent morbidity and mortality among individuals and families with or at risk of genetic, congenital, and/or familial disorders. We want to provide quality screening, education and family-centered comprehensive services for the Middle Eastern people.MISSIONThe long term objective of Eastern Biotech is to make a significant contribution to finding Biotechnological solution to the modern day diseases which are going to become a major health issue of the future i.e. Diabetics and Obesity. Initially, we will conduct the epidemiological and clinical research which will be followed by genetic research on these diseases in the years to come.UAE based biotechnology company, offering a general medical diagnostic tests including DNA Tests, cancer screening tests, paternity tests, genetic tests, cytogenetic test, genomic profiling and more.

Address: P O Box 212671, Dubai, Dubai,

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Telephones: 04 4503875

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1 Review

Created on 07 Apr 2014 Kane

I used Eastern Biotech and Life Sciences laboratory (www.easternbiotech.com) for a private maternity DNA test. Before I pay the test fees which are 1470 AED (about 415 USD) I thought they will test the samples in their lab three times as they claim. I paid the fees for the kits and test and when the kits arrived I found out that they are a reseller or a broker to DNA solutions labs (www.dnasolutions.com). They send the samples to dna solutions labs (www.dnasolutions.com) and take their commission from the customers. Their commission is almost equal the fees required by dna solutions. In other words, I paid almost double price for the maternity test as if I dealt with dnasolutions directly, and in both cases the samples are tested in dansolutions labs. The problem was that the money I paid to Eastern Biotech is NONREFUNDABLE, which means I can?t cancel my inquiry and I have to follow Eastern Biotech SCAM or LIE. To make it worse, after I waited three weeks for the results EASTERN BIOTECH refused to give me the DNA profiles or the maternity index and they asked extra fees for that. When I contacted DNA solutions and told them about the situation they also refused to give me the DNA profiles and found out they also charge their customers extra fees for the DNA profiles and the index and their customer service are relatively bad. In summary, before I pay 1470 AED to EASTERN BIOTECH and Life Sciences laboratory (www.easternbiotech.com) for the DNA test they didn?t tell me they will send the samples to DNA solutions and will take a commission from me, they rather told me they will test the samples in their lab. Probably EASTERN BIOTECH and Life Sciences don?t have a lab since they send their samples to DNA solutions (www.dnasolutions.com). Also they didn?t tell me that I should pay extra fees for the DNA profiles and the maternity index. Every lab on the internet, whether it was legit or not gives its customer the DNA profile and the relationship index in their test report while EASTERN BIOTECH and DNA solutions only give one word in their results reports: ?Match? or ?Mismatch? . THAT?S WHY YOU BETTER AVOID BOTH OF Eastern Biotech and Life Sciences (www.easternbiotech.com) and DNA solutions (www.easternbiotech.com).